Letran ready for 88th NCAA bash

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COLEGIO de San Juan de Letran expressed readiness for the overall hosting of the 88th Season of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the country’s oldest multi-sporting competition.

In a formal turnover ceremony yesterday, Letran Rector and President, Rev. Fr. Tamerlane R. Lana, O.P. received the NCAA flag from Dr. Anthony Tamayo of the outgoing NCAA host University of Perpetual Help DALTA System.

In his message, Fr. Lana said that Letran’s commitment in hosting the NCAA is to uphold the highest ideals of the league through friendly competition and camaraderie among its member schools.

“The coming NCAA Season promises to be an exciting one,” Fr. Lana said. “We’re preparing of course for the opening with basketball event starting the NCAA tournament.”

“But aside from that, we’re also getting ready for the overall hosting of the NCAA, and we’re excited,” Fr. Lana added.

Letran, which last hosted the NCAA in 2003, considers the hosting as a distinct privilege to spearhead the association’s endeavor to bring it to “greater heights”, that is why the theme chosen for this eason is: “Celebramos 88! Conquistar port u honor nuevas glorias” (Celebrate 88! Conquering New Glories).    

The theme, Lana said, is inspired by Letran’s alma mater hymn.

In the same manner, Fr. Victor Calvo, athletics moderator of Letran, expressed high hopes for NCAA in the coming season. “Letran will definitely tread new frontier for the premiere league. We’re all set to give new glories for the NCAA,” Calvo said.

The opening ceremonies is tentatively set June 23 at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum.

Aside from basketball, the other events in the NCAA includes, chess, beach volleyball, swimming and table tennis for the first semester, and then volleyball, football, badminton, lawn tennis, track and field and cheer dance competition for the second semester.

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