PHA goes to McArthur

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THE  first PHA-McArthur National Race, widely  considered as the   most prestigious  racing pigeon long distance  race,  reels off on  March 24-25 at McArthur, Leyte.

“The   first  PHA-McArthur National Race is  named  as   the Peter Yap Cup in  memory of one of the  PHA  founders,  Mr. Peter Yap. This McArthur National Race is his brainchild and we are proud to bring it to fruition,” said PHA president Jimi Lim.

It is comprised of 14 clubs namely: M.V.P.A. – Mabuhay Valenzuela   Pigeon  Association, P.S.U. – Pigeon Sport Unlimited, U.P.S. – United  Pigeon Society, U.B.S. – United Bagong Silang Racing Pigeon Inc., Q.R.P.C. – Quezon City Racing Pigeon Club, E.P.F.C. – Eastern Pigeon Fanciers Club, N.F.P.F. – National   Federation   of  Pigeon Fanciers, P.P.B.C.- Philippine Pigeon Breeders Club, S.R.P.C. – Santolan Racing  Pigeon Club, SUPRA- Sta. Maria Unified  Pigeon Racing Association, P.R.P.U. – Philippine Racing Pigeon  Union, M.M.F.C. – Metro Manila  Fancier Club, C.R.P.A. – Cavite Racing  Pigeon Association, P.H.A. – Philippine Homing Pigeon Association, Inc.

A total of   7437 bands are  being  distributed to enter into this  first-ever  national  race in the   Philippines.

A total of 605  birds were entered and only 573 birds qualified.        

All  racing  pigeon fanciers who are interested  to join the 2013 McArthur  National Race may start getting their bands from their respective  mother clubs.

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